So why do I have this?

I have yet to figure out what caused the disorder for me, but I have done some research on the subject. This post pretty much sums it all up in a nutshell.

I don’t think my parents did anything wrong. It might have been dietary, it might have been environmental, but know that I grew up with loving parents in a very stable and calm environment. They did not act foolishly with a result in me.

I think that most people would look at genetics or psychology when determining the root cause of any disorder. We don’t know enough about ADHD to determine that that is the case, however. My personal belief is that ADHD comes from a genetic problem in the brain, since my own childhood was so idyllic. I just never paid much attention to anything from my days as an infant, and I’m still like that. Maybe it’s not even a problem, really? I would just like to conform to the way other people are functioning.


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